Commercial Project

Scott County Emergency Call Center

Plan & Spec

Contract Type
  • Location: Davenport, IA 
  • Contract Type: Plan & Spec
  • Market: Government
  • Owner: City of Rock Island
  • General Contractor: Larson & Larson Construction
  • Architect: World-Architects & Engineers

The Scott County Emergency Call Center is an essential hub for public safety operations in the region, hosting key entities like the Scott County Sheriff, Davenport Police and Fire, Bettendorf Police and Fire, among others.


Ryan & Associates installed comprehensive utility systems in the          28,000 sq. ft. facility, involving plumbing, geo-thermal solutions, and heat pump systems, essential for maintaining an operational environment for critical services.

Project Highlights

  • Utility Installation: This project consisted of installing essential utility systems, including plumbing, geo-thermal, and heat pump systems, each tailored to the emergency call center’s operational needs. 

  • Geo-Thermal and Heat Pump Systems:The integration of geo-thermal and heat pump systems demonstrates a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable practices. 

  • Plumbing System Installation:A modern plumbing system was installed to meet sanitation and water supply needs, adhering to stringent compliance standards. 

  • Project Execution:This project required a collaborative approach, working in unison with other contractors and public safety entities. 

  • Safety and Compliance: Given the critical nature of the facilityadherence to safety protocols and local building codes were vital to the project.  


  • Quality Assurance:Ryan & Associates implemented a rigorous quality assurance protocol to verify that all installations met the highest standards of workmanship and operational reliability.

  • Timely Completion:Despite technical complexities, the project timeline was adhered to, showcasing efficient project management. 


  • Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholder engagement was crucial for the project’s success, ensuring their satisfaction throughout the process.

  • Long-term Support:Post-installation, a support and maintenance framework was established to ensure the long-term efficiency for utility systems.


The Scott County Emergency Call Center’s utility systems installation project demonstrates technical expertise and commitment to safety and quality. Ryan & Associates effectively addressed challenges, delivering robust utility systems crucial for emergency response services in Scott County.

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