Commercial Project

Rock Island Arsenal Building 68

Design Assist

Contract Type
  • Location: Rock Island, IL
  • Contract Type: Design Assist
  • Market: Government
  • Owner: City of Rock Island
  • General Contractor: Russell Construction
  • Architect: Tetra Tech
  • Engineer: Pond & Company

The remodeling of Building 68 aimed to blend the historic essence of a 19th-century structure with contemporary infrastructural advancements. The project spanned three stories and covers 100,000 sq. ft., focusing on plumbing and HVAC work to rejuvenate Building 68.  The remodeling of Building 68 transformed a historic building into a modern headquarters for the First Army. Through teamwork, careful planning, and respect for history, this project blends old and new to prepare Building 68 for its role as a military headquarters.

Project Highlights

Historic Renovation:

Revitalizing a 19th-century building required careful attention to historical architecture while integrating modern utility systems, blending past elegance with present functionality.

Extensive Plumbing Work:

The project involved overhauling plumbing systems to meet current safety and efficiency standards, ensuring robust water supply and sanitation infrastructure in Building 68.

HVAC System Modernization:

Modernizing HVAC systems was crucial for creating a comfortable environment at the First Army Headquarters, ensuring optimal temperature and air quality control.

Three-Story Transformation:

Renovation across three stories showcased a multi-level approach to modernization while preserving Building 68’s historic integrity.


Project Coordination:

Coordinating renovation work while preserving historical essence required collaboration among architects, engineers, and construction crews.

Safety and Compliance:

Adhering to safety protocols and building codes while respecting historical preservation guidelines ensured a successful renovation.

Quality Assurance:

Implementing rigorous quality assurance ensured excellence in revitalizing the historical structure.

Timely Completion:

Despite the complexity, the project was completed on time, ensuring Building 68’s readiness as the First Army Headquarters.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Engaging with preservation authorities and military officials was crucial for the successful transformation of Building 68.

Legacy Continuation:

Renovating Building 68 continues its legacy as a modern operational hub for the First Army, honoring its historical significance.


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