Commercial Project

Rock Island Arsenal Building 299

Design Assist

Contract Type
  • Location: Rock Island, IL
  • Contract Type: Design Assist
  • Market: Government
  • Owner: City of Rock Island
  • General Contractor: Alacran Contracting
  • Architect: O&S Associates
  • Engineer: ATI Architects & Engineers

The renovation of Building 299 was a comprehensive design-build project for a large manufacturing facility spanning 175,000 sq. ft. The task involved integrating essential utility systems, including gas, nitrogen, water, process water, air, steam, and condensate, to enhance operational efficiency. A key aspect of the project was laying a 4,500 ft. gas main, connecting the  facility to the distribution building, establishing a robust utility network essential for manufacturing operations.

Project Highlights

Holistic Design-Build Approach:

A holistic design-build approach was instrumental in ensuring a seamless transition from conceptualization to operational readiness.


Utility System Integration:

At the heart of the project lay the complex routing and integration of key utility systems like gas, nitrogen, water, process water, air, steam, and condensate, essential for creating a self-sufficient manufacturing environment in Building 299.


Extensive Gas Main Installation:

The project included laying a 4,500 ft. gas main from the distribution building to the facility, which was critical for ensuring a reliable gas supply for their manufacturing processes.


Precision Routing and Installation:

Routing and installation of utility lines required skilled engineering to ensure optimal functionality, accessibility, and compliance with safety standards in the industry.


Collaborative Engineering Effort:

Ryan & Associates worked with a multidisciplinary team to address complex utility routing and installation requirements.


Safety and Compliance:

Strict adherence to safety protocols and local building codes were paramount in ensuring a safe operational environment.


Quality Assurance:

We enforced a rigorous quality assurance regimen to guarantee that all utility installations achieved the highest standards of workmanship and reliability.


Timely Completion:

Despite the project’s extensive scope and technical complexities, it was finished on time, reflecting our teams’ strong project management skills. 


Operational Readiness:

The successful completion of the project marked a significant milestone in their manufacturing capability.  


Stakeholder Satisfaction:

Positive feedback from stakeholders highlighted our technical expertise and project management throughout the project lifecycle.

Building 299’s remodel showcases design, technical expertise, and collaboration. This project revived a manufacturing facility and improved utility infrastructure for efficient operations.

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