Industrial Project

KDP- Zulu Pipe Racks

Plan & Spec

Contract Type

Contract Amount
$ 0
  • Contract Amount: $6,800,000
  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Duration: 6 Months 
  • Contract Type: Plan & Spec
  • Market: Food & Beverage
  • Owner: Keurig Dr. Pepper
  • EPC: Dennis Group

Ryan & Associates undertook the fabrication and installation of rack systems for the xxx process. In our Davenport, IA shop, we fabricated and shipped 72 units measuring 8’x8’x40’ to the site. These systems incorporate high-pressure compressed air, steam, and condensate, low-pressure compressed air, chilled water, hot water, cold water, and three systems of plant utility supply and return. 

The rack systems comprise 360,000 lbs of steel, 14,917 ft of piping, with an average pipe size of 8”, with 12” being the largest diameter utilized. 

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