Specialty Project

Clinton Courthouse

Plan & Spec

Contract Type

Contract Amount
$ 0
  • Contract Amount: $1,000,000
  • Location: Clinton, IA
  • Duration: 12 Months 
  • Contract Type: Plan & Spec
  • Market: Scaffold
  • Owner: City of Clinton
  • General Contractor: Renaissance Restoration

Ryan & Associates embarked on a challenging scaffolding project set against the vintage architectural backdrop of a historic Clinton Iowa clock tower. The venture involved the erection and maintenance of a 50 ft. scaffolding structure, positioned strategically on the first level of the clock tower, towering at a height of 145 ft. from the ground. The multi-leveled scaffolding facilitated extensive repair and restoration work, alongside a fresh coat of paint, blending modern-day engineering with a touch of historical reverence.

Project Highlights


  1. Advanced Scaffolding Erection:

    • The scaffolding was erected on the first level of the clock tower, requiring precise engineering to ensure stability and safety at the elevated height of 145 ft. above ground level.
  2. Multi-leveled Scaffolding Structure:

    • The project demanded a multi-leveled scaffolding design to accommodate the extensive repair and painting tasks. Each level was engineered to provide safe and efficient access to different sections of the clock tower.

The completion of this scaffolding project by Ryan & Associates Civil Division exemplifies a blend of technical skill, historical understanding, and effective project management, resulting in the successful renovation of a beloved community landmark. 

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