Industrial Project

Central Minnesota Renewables

Target Value

Contract Type

Contract Amount
$ 0
  • Contract Amount: $19,000,000
  • Location: Little Falls, Minnesota
  • Duration: 12 Months 
  • Contract Type: Target Value
  • Market: Renewable
  • Owner: Green Biologics
  • General Contractor: Weitz Construction
  • Engineer: BSI Engineering

The Central Minnesota Renewables Plant repurpose project was the first commercial production facility for Bio-pure renewable n-butanol and acetone, with production at a rate of 32,000 metric tons of product per year. Ryan & Associates was the mechanical piping contractor on the project and represented $19M dollars of the overall contract. In total there was 35,000 ft. of piping installed with a 58,000 diameter inches of weld. In addition to the piping, Ryan installed 2,200 pipe supports.


Working with the General Contractor and Owner on ways to fast track the schedule after receiving design documents two months later than anticipated, Ryan was able to complete the project in time to keep the first commercial run of product on schedule. In addition, the very first production run yielded a commercial grade product of 99% purity which was contributed to the quality piping system installed.

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