Commercial Project

Augustana Old Main

Plan & Spec

Contract Type

  • Location: Rock Island, IL
  • Duration: 24 Months 
  • Contract Type: Plan & Spec
  • Market: Higher Education
  • Owner: Augustana College
  • General Contractor: Estes Construction
  • Architect: Joseph Architectural Group, P.C.
  • Engineer: Ryan & Associates

In collaboration with Estes Construction, Ryan & Associates Civil Division was entrusted with the responsibility of erecting scaffolding systems to aid in the restoration of a prized historic building. The task’s gravity was amplified by the comprehensive nature of the restoration, encompassing painting, tuck pointing, window replacements, and roof refurbishment. Our team engineered and installed a 65 ft. scaffold enveloping the building’s perimeter and a matching 65 ft. scaffold atop the roof, establishing a safe and efficient platform for the restoration crews to breathe new life into this architectural gem.

Project Highlights

  1. Customized Scaffolding Design:

    • The scaffolding systems were custom-designed to cater to the diverse restoration requirements. Each scaffolding structure was engineered to provide optimal access to various parts of the building, ensuring a streamlined workflow for different restoration activities.
  2. Exterior Facelift:

    • The exterior painting and tuck pointing revitalized the building’s facade, preserving its historic essence while infusing a fresh aesthetic appeal. The scaffolding provided a secure and stable platform to execute the painting and masonry repair work.
  3. Window and Roof Replacement:

    • The project entailed replacing the windows and roof, crucial elements in preserving the building’s integrity and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The scaffolding facilitated seamless access to these critical areas, ensuring quality workmanship in the replacement process.
  4. Dual Scaffolding Installation:

    • The dual scaffolding setup, with one structure surrounding the building and another erected on the roof, showcased our capability in handling complex scaffolding requirements. This setup ensured that restoration crews had safe and efficient access to all exterior and rooftop work areas.
  5. Safety Assurance:

    • Safety was a paramount concern given the historic nature of the building and the height at which the restoration crews operated. Rigorous safety protocols were enforced to ensure a hazard-free work environment throughout the project duration.
  6. Historic Preservation Compliance:

    • Compliance with historic preservation standards was meticulously adhered to, ensuring that all restoration work maintained the architectural integrity and historic value of the building.
  7. Timely Project Execution:

    • Despite the project’s intricacies, a tight timeline was adhered to, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality work within the stipulated timeframe. Efficient project management ensured that each restoration phase transitioned smoothly to the next.
  8. Quality Control and Compliance:

    • A rigorous quality control process was implemented to ensure that all restoration work met the highest standards and complied with local building codes and historic preservation guidelines.
  9. Collaborative Effort with Estes Construction:

    • The successful collaboration with Estes Construction underscored a shared vision of restoring the historic building to its former glory. The synergy between the teams contributed to the project’s success and timely completion.
  10. Community Engagement and Satisfaction:

    • The project not only reinstated the building’s historic elegance but also garnered positive feedback from the community and stakeholders. The restoration became a symbol of preserving architectural heritage, further solidifying the partnership between Ryan & Associates Civil Division and Estes Construction.

This meticulous scaffolding project underpins Ryan & Associates Civil Division’s expertise in catering to complex restoration needs, ensuring a blend of safety, quality, and historic preservation. Through collaborative efforts and a keen eye for detail, the project team successfully navigated challenges leaving a lasting imprint on the community’s architectural landscape.

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